Celebrating 10 years of Excellence Service. In ten years, Vietnam Travel has earned a reputation in Hawaii as the best tour operator to Vietnam & Cambodia. We are very humbled for reaching this milestone! Vietnam today is a peaceful and vibrant country with endless scenic places to visit from the highland plateau of Sapa to the emerald-green rice paddies in the Mekong Delta. My wife and I appreciate the freedom and the endless possibilities America has given us, but we always remember our roots, remind ourselves where we came from, and appreciate our cultural heritage.

As Vietnamese nationals, we are truly the travel experts for our country as well as for other Southeast Asian countries. We offer affordable and all inclusive private and group tours to Vietnam-Angkor Wat-Thailand; Myanmar-Luang Prabang-Sapa; Bali-Singapore-Malaysia. Our tours offer a rich cultural experiences and sightseeing in places with solid tourism infrastructures, good hotels, and a variety of cuisines. At the same time, you are guaranteed the highest quality of service and value for your money. As an experienced tour operator, we have direct contracts with all major travel providers in the region. Since our tours are escorted from Honolulu, you can have a peace of mind from the time you leave Hawaii until the time you return to the islands.

With ten years of excellent service in tourism, we are very confident that you will be satisfied with our service, and if not, we guarantee to give your money back. My wife and I invite you to an extraordinary trip in our homeland. We wish to personally welcome you to Vietnam one day! For a virtual tour of Vietnam & Cambodia, we invite you to watch us on YouTube at Vietnam Welcomes You.